Back Strength Framework

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Too much sitting and working hunched over a computer screen or laptop will make your lower back muscles weak.

Most back pain is caused by injury to the muscle tissue around the spine that has become weak as a result.

The Back Strength Framework will teach you how to strengthen your core and weak lower back so you can future-proof it for tomorrows digital demands.

See below for an overview of the contents:


Part 1 - The Philosophy

Weak Back Muscles Are To Blame

What Causes Weak Back Muscles?

Injuries From Weak Back Muscles

Strength As A Prevention To Back Pain

Activating The Core Muscle Groups

Part 2 - Lower Back Strengthening System

Level 1 Exercises

Level 2 Exercises

Level 3 Exercises

Level 4 Exercises

Finishing Off

Stretching Routine

Part 3 - Sitting Solutions For Lower Back Pain

5 Solutions For Back Pain From Sitting All Day

Why The Ergonomic Kneeling Chair Will Save Your Back

Move and Sit

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Back Strength Framework

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